Well, any good article worth reading starts from the very beginning, and so this is what I shall do.
A woman named Michelle Elizabeth, a regular individual like you and I went in for her regular hair appointment with her stylist, as she always did; however on this particular day, her stylist informed her that due to over-processing and damage to her hair, Michelle would need to cut her hair short, color back to her natural color and start from scratch. Though very reluctant, she had agreed. Afterwards, in the mirror staring back at her was a woman she did not recognize! The woman staring back at her had short hair, and she thought this is not me anymore as tears streamed down her cheek! ( Lord knows, I have been there a time or two!) She headed back to her stylist who gave her a solution of 28 or so clip-on wefts of hair. Excited to get her long hair back Michelle went home and tried to put these wefts of hair in, and needless to say after hours of teasing and clipping, and again damage to her hair from the amount of teasing these extensions require to get them to stay in (never mind the finesse it takes as well), she thought to herself, there has GOT to be an easier way, there has GOT to be an easier way! She knew that getting them put in professionally was not an option, because as a working woman on a budget, the price of that service would be way too demanding because they can range from $800 and all the way up to $2000 to get done…and did I mention she was a working woman? This service would take all day, and the thought of human hair-well where did this hair come from? With all of these questions in mind, and the fact she felt there had to be an easier way, she creatively went into a fishing tackle box, got the fishing wire out, and her and a friend began sewing! And THAT was the beginning of a trend so big that the demand for them became so high she got them patented…(and a good thing she did because people have tried to copy them!) But no, no, not only did she patent her extension creation, the fiber used for these extensions is so close to human hair it is impossible to tell the difference, so the synthetic fiber used is patented as well! She wanted a fiber the closest to human hair possible as her beliefs in where human hair could come from run deep! Some hair we know is donated voluntarily; but what you may not know that not all human hair is donated…some is just plain taken, and that’s so not cool!
These extensions were also created for others, who like her, are on a budget, but want to also look beautiful no matter what the occasion. And just another little tidbit, these extensions take years off of a person, and I know because I have one! (now, I wonder if she can invent something for skin…hmmm, food for thought) Anyhow, back to hair and looking younger…I know as a stylist that your hairstyle can make or break you, and we are always looking for a quick fix! (I don’t know bout you, but I am very impatient, and always want a quick fix-lol) Well, you can stop looking because this is a quick fix as it only takes seconds…yes, seconds to give yourself a new and younger look! You can go to my Facebook business page and look at the picture of me there, and see for yourself!(facebook/, or just go to my website itself, Oh And for the ladies who are a bit funky…try pairing a platinum blonde with your dark hair, and ha, instant color without the damage…or processing time!
So, finally there is a quick fix, and let’s just recap a second… Hair extensions in seconds, hair color in seconds, no wait, no pricey bill, no damage, can treat and style like human hair, younger look…hmmmm wait, this is so good I think I’m going to get another one myself, Bye, ttyl! Now, about these wrinkles…